What Accu-Trade users say about why it works for them.

Columbus Fair

Accu-Trade’s Critical Mass tool has become invaluable to our weekly success. The supporting data behind the tool provides us with a more strategic approach to lead generation. We would highly recommend it to any auction.

Josh Koronich

Director of Dealer Sales


Accu-Trade is like having a 3rd set of eyes! It’s essentially a Virtual Used Car Manager without emotion. This application is well designed, much easier to use, comprehend and more accurate than any other we’ve used.

Jared Saunders



Between the guaranteed Instant Offer and the reliable Target Auction and Target Retail values, it lets me appraise any vehicle with confidence. I especially like the historical data that it has. I can see when any vehicle was previously listed in the retail market, for how much and for how long. Very powerful information in an easy-to-use tool!  Highly recommended!

Robbie Ashcar


Accu-Trade makes me a better buyer and gives me confidence on any car. I love the live and historical market data it provides. I can see the retail history of any car with it — every time it’s been on the market for its life. And beyond that, it’s also a great source for acquiring inventory from consumers for us. Worth every penny. I highly recommend it.

Drew Shields


Thanks to Accu-Trade & MADE Logistics, we’ve made the leap from digital retail to digital transactions. Accu‑Trade is what makes digital transactions possible, and MADE Logistics helps us keep the client informed during the process. Without the Hollenshead team, digital transactions would be impossible.

Brian Kramer

General Manager

In a world where transparency and information are key Accu-Trade is the perfect tool for dealers and our retail customers. I know that the values are coming from the most up to date data and trends in the market even before MMR and the books reflect it, which helps our team make the most informed decisions when it comes to acquisitions and trade values. After using so many of the different tools on the market I can confidently say that Accu-Trade is hands down the best one out there. As an added bonus to a great resource the support staff that come along with it from training and implantation to the inventory consultant team that you can chat with in real time to discuss values are the best in the biz!

Michael Rhima

Director of Purchasing & Wholesale

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