Prevent “accident inflation” with no-cost inspections and itemized accident reports.

The continued growth of the rideshare industry depends on keeping insurance affordable and available to millions of drivers. Accu-Trade makes it easy for any driver to perform regular condition reports on their vehicles. And, in the event of an accident, a driver can easily complete an itemized accident report (with photos) at the scene. By enabling customers to perform regular reports, insurers get a no-cost way to validate claims, bring costs down, and keep coverage available for the industry.

An expert inspection anyone can perform

The app focuses a user’s attention only on the value-relevant characteristic of the vehicle. Simply have your customers regularly walk around the vehicle, update the mileage, record any changes in condition, and snap updated pictures. In the event of an accident, the same behaviors allow the driver to provide a detailed, photographic accident report to compare against the historical condition record.

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