Buy any car like you can’t afford to be wrong… because you can’t.

Every decision you make is critical to the health of your dealership. It’s not theory to us. We understand used-car people because we are used-car people. With over 30,000,000 guaranteed purchase offers and transactions, we built every bit of the experience into Accu-Trade. Give your team the confidence to bid and buy in any situation. Familiar or unfamiliar inventory. In changing markets. Online or in the lanes. Accu-Trade is built for us… by us.

Acquire inventory with co-validation, not rationalization

Any VIN decode delivers complete and instant transparency on any vehicle. VIN- and condition-specific values. Preferred books. VHRs. Common Problems. Live retail and wholesale market data. Your inventory recommendations. And more. And we back it up with guaranteed values you can use to co-validate your decisions — or as an exit strategy, if needed. It all adds up to complete “lane guidance” — driving confident decisions and more accountability. You’ll always know if you should stretch, hold, or fold.

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