Feel the Rumble. Smell the fumes. Get 24/7 access to inventory that’s right for you.

Studies show that non-franchise dealers spend up to 80% of their day sourcing inventory. There’s no factory dropping off cars in front of your dealership. But with Accu-Trade, you’ll get recommendations on available inventory — that’s matched to your needs and priced to market — before you start to search. Imagine what you’ll do with all that extra time.

Always looking out for you

In Accu-Trade’s Recommendation Engine, all “needs-to-sell” collide with all “needs-to-buy.” Before you even search for inventory, it is using 133 points of data to match all available vehicles to your needs and your history. Letting you focus your time on the cars that are a good fit for you and priced to your market. Say goodbye to endless searching with nothing to show for it.

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