End “day-off welding.” Never worry about trade-in appraisals while you’re out.

Afraid to take a day off because of what you might find in your inventory when you return? Never worry again. With Accu-Trade, you can have confidence in any appraisal done by your team. And if you don’t like it, you’re never welded to it. We’ll purchase any unit at the price we guaranteed.

Make anyone an expert appraiser

The Accu-Trade appraisal app allows even the most novice salesperson to perform quality appraisals. Accu-Trade prompts the user to capture all the value-relevant characteristics of the vehicle. Simply walk around the vehicle. Snap some pictures. Tap on the correct answers. And, anyone can generate guaranteed “transact-able” values.

Backed with guaranteed Trade Insurance

Every appraisal you do comes with an Accu-Trade Instant Offer — the amount your dealership is guaranteed to be paid for the vehicle — underwritten by a third-party guarantor. The Universal Condition Report rationally quantifies all characteristics that go into that value. It makes transparency and verifiable facts central to your customer trade-in communications and wholesale bidding processes.

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