Enable transparent communication with consumers.

When valuing a trade-in, facts should win over feelings. Accu-Trade gives your sales team the ability to communicate with customers using VIN-specific, and condition-specific facts — validated by a third party. Shoppers will appreciate the transparency, and your team will be less likely to overtrade for cars without rationale.

Consumer-Facing Widget

Shoppers can begin the fact-based valuation of their trade on your website — when you embed our consumer-facing widget. The tool can be branded Accu-Trade, ALG, TrueCar (in the US), or autoTRADER (in Canada). All the information they share flows seamlessly into the showroom, where a salesperson can log in to validate the appraisal alongside the consumer.

Trade the same way you sell new cars — at invoice.

Every Accu-Trade Appraisal can generate a Used Car Invoice — all the facts on one page for the consumer and salesperson to review. It displays and quantifies all characteristics that add up to the valuation, including Trade Insurance: the amount the dealership is guaranteed to be paid —underwritten by a third-party. When shared with the consumer, this disables the blind push for more money.

Learn more about how Accu-Trade can bring the power of facts to your communications.