More than meeter-greeters! Get your sales team engaged in trade-in appraisals.

Sales staff who are fully engaged in every part of the process create double the benefit. They are more likely to build strong customer relationships and less likely to pressure management into an irrationally bad trade. And now, getting any salesperson engaged in the trade-in process is easier than ever. With Accu-Trade, any person on your team can become an expert inspector/appraiser, guaranteed.

An appraisal tool that doesn’t miss what matters

The Accu-Trade appraisal app allows even the most novice salesperson to perform quality appraisals. The tool prompts the user to capture all value-relevant characteristics of the vehicle. Simply walk around the vehicle. Snap some pictures. Tap on the correct answers. Anyone can generate guaranteed “transact-able” values.

In-app guidance makes it even easier

Using Accu-Trade effectively requires little-to-no training with our integrated WalkMe technology. Automated tutorials take users step-by-step through every process. And strategically placed prompts delivered at the moment of need, help anyone complete any task without prior experience.

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