Profit compression: Stop talking about it. Start mitigating it.

Shrinking margins are an industry-wide problem that won’t go away on its own. However, you can take steps to lessen their effect on your dealership. Much of the solution begins before acquisition with a consistent process for every appraisal you do. With Accu-Trade, you always get a transparent, fact-based appraisal with a guaranteed exit strategy. The platform helps your team break many of the age-old habits that lead to unnecessary water in your inventory — reducing ‘theft by lack of process.’

Universal Condition Report

Mitigating profit compression begins at acquisition. Accu-Trade gives you the ability to eliminate misjudged appraisals that create water in your inventory. Every Accu-Trade appraisal generates a Universal Condition Report. It gives anyone in your dealership complete transparency on any VIN. Market-driven target values, books, market reports, VHR (quantified), Common Problems, damage, mechanical, interior and exterior issues, aftermarket pluses and minuses, and more. All backed with a skin-in-the-game guarantee.

With Guaranteed “Transact-able” Values

Accu-Trade appraisals come with an Accu-Trade Instant Offer — the amount your dealership is guaranteed to be paid for a vehicle, underwritten by a third-party. Essentially, it’s floor insurance that gives your team both insight and accountability before they invest your money. Transparency and verified facts are now central to your customer trade-in communications and wholesale acquisition processes.

Learn more about all the ways Accu-Trade can help your dealership mitigate profit compression.