Maximize the value of lease returns to your dealership.

Once a lease is grounded, you’ve got 48 hours to decide to keep it or let it go. Why not take a few minutes to do an Accu-Trade appraisal? You’ll instantly get a detailed, VIN-specific condition report — with guaranteed values. It includes all you need to push the car to a market of likely buyers with a couple clicks. You’ll either make some money on it, or you’ve got 47 more hours to let it go. It’s a no-risk way to find potential profit in every vehicle you ground.

Instantly get a guaranteed valuation

The Accu-Trade appraisal tool allows even the most novice user to perform a quality inspection. Every value-relevant characteristic of the vehicle is prompted by the tool. Simply scan the VIN, snap some pictures, and update some information on the current condition. Instantly, anyone in your dealership can complete an expert-level condition report with a guaranteed transact-able floor price, and likely upside values in an arbitraged market.

Push it to a targeted set of motivated buyers

Once grounded, you can push the vehicle seamlessly to upstream marketplaces — utilizing our proprietary Recommendation Engine to connect to multiple motivated buyers that have recently sold like vehicles.

Learn more about how Accu-Trade can help you get more out of every lease grounding opportunity.