Make digital retail a reality with Trade Insurance and dealer-to-driveway logistics.

Accu-Trade allows dealers to provide a completely online shopping experience on transactions involving a trade. Giving shoppers guaranteed values on their trade-in from a simple VIN-decode. And, providing a unique dealer-to-driveway logistics solution. When integrated with any existing Digital Retailing platform, Accu-Trade makes completing every online sale to the exact dollar easier than ever.

Used Car Invoice with Trade Insurance

By simply entering the VIN of their trade-in and updating basic information, any consumer can generate an Accu-Trade Instant Offer. Essentially, this is Trade Insurance for your dealership — a value you’re guaranteed to be paid, underwritten by a third-party. That valuation, which can be verified at the time of delivery, gives both dealers and consumers the confidence they need to complete the transaction online.

Dealer-to-Driveway Logistics

Accu-Trade’s partnership with MADE logistics helps dealers give consumers an Amazon-esque shopping experience. The platform enables decentralized deliveries of any size — providing the capacity needed for the timely, trackable transport of vehicles to and from the consumer’s home.

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