Create loyal customers with a more engaged sales team.

How many fresh ups does each salesperson get daily? It’s not a lot. Can you afford for them not to be fully engaged in each one? Luckily, enabling any salesperson to lead the trade-in process is easier than ever. Accu-Trade gives them all they need to “walk the trade” with shoppers — taking pictures and highlighting the good and the bad specific to the vehicle. The process builds trust through fact-based transparency, and can dramatically increase your look-to-book ratio without giving away your margins.

Make anyone an expert appraiser

The Accu-Trade appraisal app allows even the most novice salesperson to perform quality appraisals. The tool prompts the user to capture all the value-relevant characteristics of the vehicle. Simply walk around the vehicle. Snap some pictures. Tap on the correct answers. And, anyone can generate guaranteed “transact-able” values.

In-app guidance makes it even easier

Using Accu-Trade to the fullest requires little-to-no training with our integrated WalkMe technology. Automated tutorials take users through every process step-by-step. And, pop-up prompts, delivered at the moment of need, help anyone complete tasks without prior experience.

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