Soft-pull an “Inventory Health Check” on any client to suggest actions prior to problems.

Without needing access to a dealer’s DMS, Accu-Trade’s Investment Overview can give lenders a complete view of the health of any dealer’s inventory. It gives you the ability to have proactive conversations with your clients. Suggesting they take action on troubled units before it’s too late. Protecting your portfolio while helping your dealers continue to be profitable business partners.

See overall health and immediate concerns

Import any set of VINs and Accu-Trade’s Investment Overview gives even the novice user a clear understanding of inventory health. With one screen, anyone can understand how the group is performing on critical metrics like Days in Inventory, Market Day Supply, and Price to Market. See these KPIs broken down by make, and how they are trending over time. Instantly see every unit that needs immediate attention.

Get instant relief for any pain points

Accu-Trade doesn’t just identify problems; it can solve them. You can instantly push any unit directly to market and utilize our proprietary Recommendation Engine to connect to multiple motivated buyers that have recently sold like vehicles. Or, get instant liquidity anytime with Accu-Trade’s Instant Offer.

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