Ground any lease upstream and instantly push it to matched market of likely buyers.

The Accu-Trade platform is so easy to use that any lessee can download the app and ground their vehicle. Every VIN decode generates a report with guaranteed values, vehicle history, condition, and photography. Instantly ready to push to market.

Enable any lessee to ground their vehicle

The Accu-Trade appraisal tool allows even the most novice user to perform a quality inspection. Every value-relevant characteristic of the vehicle is prompted by the tool. Simply scan the VIN, snap some pictures, and update some information on the current condition. Instantly, any lessee can complete an expert-level condition report with guaranteed transact-able values. Have it co-validated by the grounding dealership, and you can instantly push it to a matched market of likely buyers.

Third-party inspections available with a mechanical EKG

For more in-depth information and validation, our plug-in diagnostic device is available. Once inserted into the OBD port, it can instantly identify potential mechanical issues before they become a problem.

Recommendation Engine delivers the highest value possible

You can instantly push any unit directly to market and our proprietary Recommendation Engine connects you to multiple motivated buyers that have recently sold like vehicles. You can specify brand-specific buyers or the general market. Or, get instant liquidity anytime with Accu-Trade’s Instant Offer.

Learn more about how Accu-Trade can help you bring efficiency and liquidity to lease grounding.