Get true 360º portfolio management.

The Accu-Trade platform gives you access to all the data, photos, and reporting you need to manage a vehicle portfolio of any size. Know everything you need to know about every unit — from inception to archive and every day in between.

Lend with complete VIN-specific knowledge

Accu-Trade appraisals come with an Accu-Trade Instant Offer so you can know the actual cash value of any collateral you’re insuring. Along with a full condition report with pictures, options, vehicle history, and more. Know it all while “in-play,” so there is no room for interpretation.

Track linear value over time

Accu-trade gives you a view of any vehicle’s valuation history as well as its projected daily/monthly melt rate.

Get continual floor plan checks at no cost

The Accu-Trade appraisal app makes it easy to require regular VIN decodes from any location. It’s no-cost floor plan checks with guaranteed valuation, days-on-market, and instant liquidity.

Liquidate to the best end-users — with guaranteed floor insurance

You can instantly push any unit directly to market and utilize our proprietary Recommendation Engine to connect to multiple motivated buyers that have recently sold like vehicles. Or, get instant liquidity anytime with Accu-Trade’s Instant Offer.

Learn more about how Accu-Trade can manage every vehicle in your portfolio from inception to archive.