VINdex Marketplace Ignition! Increase conversions and ensure any no-sale can be sold.

There are plenty of factors working to stop transactions at your auction. Sellers with unrealistic expectations. Buyers tired of hunting through random units. No urgency. No confidence. No action. Leading to NO-SALE after NO-SALE after NO-SALE. Yes, there are plenty of factors working to stop transactions in a marketplace. But, there’s one sure way to start them up: VINdex Marketplace Ignition from Accu-Trade.

Spark more action in your lanes

VINdex Marketplace Ignition works through a combination of Accu-Trade’s guaranteed Target Values, VIN-specific condition and pedigree reports, increased buyer/seller transparency, and predictive recommendation engine that matches vehicles to their best-end-users in the market. The combination of features can be integrated with any existing marketplace to deliver increased conversions, mitigated arbitrations, and many other advantages to buyers and sellers.

Ensure any NO-SALE can be sold

Accu-Trade doesn’t just increase conversions, we guarantee them. VINdex Marketplace Ignition includes Accu-Trade’s Instant Offer. It’s a guaranteed price that the vehicle can be sold for instantly, underwritten by a third-party. In the event of a NO-SALE, any seller can choose to put the vehicle back into the tool and sell it on the spot.

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