Accu-Trade Basics:

Built with skin in the game

Accu-Trade was developed by the largest independent wholesale dealer in history. It’s the same tool they use every day to do their job. Every lesson learned from over $20 Billion in transactions and 900 cumulative years in wholesale is built into the platform. All made easy to understand and available for anyone to use.

The Accu-Trade Difference


Guaranteed Transact-able Values

Back the validity of every appraisal with a guaranteed, transact-able base value — underwritten by a third party. You can look at any book you like… but this is the only valuation that comes with a checkbook.


360º Data Integration

Combine VIN-specific vehicle condition and pedigree reporting with live market data… historical inventory analysis… and proprietary data sets like Common Problems for any make/model. And, it all works together to give you a complete perspective on every decision.  


Designed For The “Every-user”

From beginners to pros. For dealers, banks, remarketers, and more. Accu-Trade is designed for EVERYONE to get expert results from very easy behaviors. Scan a VIN. Answer some questions. Snap some pics. Anyone can get guaranteed values on any vehicle.


Works Well With Others

Accu-Trade is 100% agnostic and inclusive. It can be set up to work seamlessly with any outside tools or marketplaces you choose. All other platforms are invited to integrate with Accu-Trade. Think of the platform as a transparent “VINdow” that anyone can use to communicate.


One-of-a-Kind Vehicle Valuation

Accu-trade was built on the experience that comes with years of skin-in-the-game transactions. The platform knows exactly what matters to the value of a vehicle. Options and trim. Historic and existing mechanical issues. Common problems. Accident history. Specific valuation of dents and scratches. Aftermarket modification. Current service status. Number and location of previous owners. And more. Every add and deduct that affects valuation is clearly captured and quantified.


  • VIN Scanner and Photo Capture

  • Retail Photo Integration

  • Model-specific Common Problems

  • Melt Rate

  • Live Market Retail Data

  • VHR Claim Deductions

  • Consumer-facing Used Car Invoice

  • Dealer-facing Universal Condition Report

  • OMVIC Compliance (Canada)

  • Vehicle Pedigree & Valuations Trends

  • Historical Inventory Analysis

  • All Major Guidebooks Supported


Complete Investment Overview

The Accu-Trade Investment Overview gives even the novice user a clear understanding of inventory health. With one simple screen, anyone can make better decisions with an understanding of critical performance metrics like Days in Inventory, Market Day Supply, and Price to Market. See these metrics broken down by vehicle make. See how your performance is trending over time — and instantly see every unit that needs immediate attention.


  • Sales Performance Reporting

  • Linear Trends Over Time

  • Identification of Troubled Units

  • Days in Inventory

  • Market Day Supply

  • Price to Market


Buy and Sell Seamlessly

Instantly push any appraisal to a targeted market of likely buyers. The platform can integrate with the seller’s preferred marketplaces, or create custom lists of targeted buyers. Before any vehicle is listed, our Recommendation Engine matches it with its BEST END USERS in any market. In the end, sellers get a matched audience, ready to buy. And buyers see the units that are right for them. Say goodbye to bidder fatigue.


  • Recommendation Engine Matches Sellers with Likely Buyers

  • Can Integrate with Any Existing Marketplace

  • Ability to Share with Targeted List of Buyers

  • Integrated with “UBER-ized” Logistics Platform

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